Out of love with love in BcmArte

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My role in this project has been a total new experience for me. The format of the open call artisticDialogue run in the project space BcmArte during the last months gathers two artists from different nationalities and an academic mentor in the space and let them work on a topic during two months. The outcome of this research could lead them into a show of artworks of any type or the organization of participative events, the founding of a platforms… It is very open and the aim was to achieve different viewpoints every time. The mentor in each of the cases had total different approaches. In the case of the Out of Love project, mentor Lorena Juan has done a great work providing theory text and inspiration for the artists as well as helping with organization and curation of the final show. One of the artist, Angela Kaisers, also with experience in curating took care of the final arrangement of the works. What makes absolutely sence since she was using the totality of the space as a canvas where the different pieces of were attached to.


Picture by Judy Mièl


In the team there was maybe not so much room for theoretical input or curating advice so for the first time my role was purely as gallery manager. I made sure the things run smoothly and tried to solve organization problems (as far as I could). Besides, of course, of leading the communication of the project as always. Taking care of such bureaucratic part of the art process might have sound in the beginning a bit tedious but it was nothing like it. Working with this team has been enriching and rewarding from the beginning. The sensitivity and care they have put into their work overflows the final installation. You can notice the amount of hours invested in thinking, researching and browsing the Internet in order to understand whether romantic love is a construct of the society, a part of the human being primordial essence, a natural refinement of raw reproduction that evolution has turn into craziness…

The finale installation was a challenge from the first day. It was indeed difficult to find common ground for such diferents artistic personalities. Angela Kaiser´s creations are fragile collages of old cutouts of magazines (she told me she found most of the material in a strange shop in Canada when she was there last year) arrange in very conscious way. Some of the smallest cutouts surprise you hanging in unaccustomed positions. Mixed with this cutouts and old pictures, hang also different measuring objects. A thermometer, a sand clock, a measuring tape.


Picture by Judy Mièl

Laura G Jones´s apportation is two outstanding video creations based in a totally different aesthetic discourse. Colours are warm, textures are liquid and a sense of rawness, skin and wetness involves the viewer. Which make a definitive contrast with Angela Kaiser´s main piece: a light long piece of white cloth embroidered with 7 lines of thick black thread that goes up and down in their way to fading. Each thread is there for a past or future relation and moves depending of the positive or negative input in Angela herself. The reflecting shadow of this piece that moves slightly with the air created by people approaching it and the way it was made, make this piece unique. The contrast of the two pieces, the measuring cloth and the video art empowers the all ensemble. Love is indeed like that: sometimes light and reflecting, sometimes fluid and impulsive. Angela Kaisers sublimates love while embroidering her cloth (image that would give for another article about historical gender issues), takes distance and reflects: Laura G Jones shows the close ups, the animal and the skin.


During the project they also organized a viewing of curated videos from the Internet, you can see them here. Followed by a discussion and an open mic, where I also contributed reading the introduction of Elisa Victoria´s Porn&Pains (the best text I know about love).  A 100% analogic reading corner with love books was also open in the space for visitors.


That´s me reading Elisa´s book

They also invited moving cinema Mobile Kino to show the documentary LOVE ADDICT by Pernille Rose Grønkjær during the exhibition time.
On the last day of the exhibition they presented a new collaborative piece, “Choreography of love”, representing the dance of lovers who share domestic spaces. An simple but highly interesting work that points out elegantly how relations are influenced by factors like space or time and also hinting other more social and cultural factors that determine or at least impulse and hold our paths in the love.


They kept a blog during the all project that you can see here.



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