Imaginary Reefs, an installation art laboratory in the project space of GlogauAir Berlin

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Imaginary Reefs

“The metaphor alone furnishes an escape; between the real things, it lets emerge imaginary reefs, a crop of floating islands.”

Jose Ortega y Gasset

The Dehumanization of Art and Ideas about the Novel

According to Ortega’s theory, the metaphor is born in the human instinct to avoid realities. A simplistic but effective way to describe what follows in his thoughts about art would be to say that this instinct is also the motor of contemporary art, a motor refueled with the creative power of the metaphor.


Galerie Patrick Ebensperger

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Wedding is not Neukölln

Galerie Patrick Ebensperger is hosting its first exhibition since moving to its new location: the old crematorium chapel, Plantagestrasse in Wedding. The space itself and the surroundings are imbued with quietness. The abandoned area of the crematorium (soon to be an art and cultural centre) and the adjacent graveyard give an interesting and sinister touch to this beautiful corner of Wedding. This moving environment makes even better the experience of meeting fine contemporary art.

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Eyes on the first edition of the Project Space Festival Berlin

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Wedding is not Neukölln

The first edition of the Project Space Festival Berlin starting August 1st, will feature a different space with a surprise event (events will only appear in the calender a week or so before taking place) every day during this month. It´s pretty exciting to see festivals first editions and in this case, the innovative idea and the well organize and beautiful website will convince you to join then on at least one of the dates.

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